The Garden

Guest Artist Series:
Featured art by world renowned Celtic artist
Jen Delyth

“The Garden is a perfumed sanctuary of flowering beauty and green verdant life. Her creatures are the butterfly, whose painted wings reflect the vivid colors and patterns of the flowers and herbs she visits for their sweet nectar. The Bees gather pollen from the lavender to create golden honey for their Queen. Dragonfly, master of illusion, is shaman of the air, as the frog is of his watery pond among the rushes. The humble snail carries the sacred spiral symbol upon his back. His is the shady realm of undergrowth and tender shoots. The Green Man and his bride watch over the Garden. He is of the earth – the green vines spill from his mouth taking root in the fertile soil. She is Blue Mistress of the flowers and winged creatures. Together they dance in the garden of creative possibilities.” – Jen Delyth


Talisman shape with Dragon concave

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